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November 2017

Grateful for the Glories of a Gracious God

This Thanksgiving, I have been drawn more than once to the book of Ephesians. Thanksgiving morning, I spent some time meditating in Ephesians 1 in particular. After all, this chapter is full of blessings and praises to God the Father–and… Continue Reading →


Self-Controlled (1 Timothy 3:2) The man of God is to exercise a steady-minded self-control that results in right living. Σώφρων is one member of an important word family that occurs ten times in the Pastorals out of a total of… Continue Reading →

The Man of God Must Be “Temperate,” part 2 (application)

A Christian pastor, to be qualified, must be “temperate.” A previous post argued that the word translated temperate does not merely rule out excessive use of alcohol (another qualification, “not given to wine” focuses more on this narrow issue) but… Continue Reading →

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