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December 2017

Take the 2018 Reading Challenge with Me

If you’re like me, you have a vague sense you should be reading (or finishing) more good books than you are. This year, I decided to do something intentional (and fun) to help me take my reading pace up a… Continue Reading →

Unto Us a Child is Born

Fallen men in darkness stumbling on, Brightest light! In radiance having shone; Gentile kings, engulfed in deepest night Now have seen God’s ever-glorious light. Unto us, a Child this day is born— Now breaks out the glow of glorious morn;… Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget to Be Amazed this Christmas

I was backing my way out of the office one task at a time for our (big, huge, long, wonderful) Christmas break and wishing departing co-workers a Merry Christmas. I work with some very talented people, and that includes some… Continue Reading →

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