If you’re like me, you have a vague sense you should be reading (or finishing) more good books than you are. This year, I decided to do something intentional (and fun) to help me take my reading pace up a notch. I’ve often found Challies.com to be helpful, but I’ve never before taken up the yearly reading challenge. This time, I’ve decided to take the plunge.

Here’s the gist: “The 2018 Christian Reading Challenge is composed of 4 lists of books, which you are meant to move through progressively. You will need to determine a reading goal early in the year and set your pace accordingly.” You can figure out which “level” you want to achieve and go for it. Here’s a simple version of the list.

The nice thing is that the lists specify categories of books, not specific titles. So there’s a lot of flexibility. If you decide to do it with me, let me know!

Whatever you decide to do with your reading–may God richly bless you with a New Year full of His blessings and guidance from His Word–the best (and the only perfect) book ever written!


[In case you’re curious, here are a few of the titles I am considering reading (or finishing) this year.]

Revival and Revivalism (Ian Murray)
The Whole Christ (Sinclair Ferguson)
The Holy War (John Bunyan; I have a copy printed in the 1800’s that is a real experience to pull out and read)
The Greek Verb Revisited (Runge and Fresch)
Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament (Runge)
Speed Reading (Basil Foster)
Brothers, We are Not Professionals (John Piper)
Vol. 1 of the Lloyd-Jones biography by Ian Murray
Our Mutual Friend (Charles Dickens)
Dominion and Dynasty (Stephen Dempster)
Endurance (Alfred Lansing)
The Crook in the Lot (Thomas Boston)
Praying the Bible (Donald Whitney)